[Fat loss meal recipe three meals a day]_How to eat_How to eat

[Fat loss meal recipe three meals a day]_How to eat_How to eat

For many friends who want to lose fat, the most important thing is to control their mouth and always want to eat.

In fact, eating does not cause too many inevitable factors. The key is whether you eat by accident and whether the transfer is high in content. This is the key factor that causes too much.

So how can we achieve a nutritious and healthy diet?

Below I will introduce the fat-reducing meal recipe three meals a day: 7:00 breakfast recipe: porridge, milk, eggs.

Why: Porridge is easy to digest, and cowboys and eggs help with protein supplements.

Milk can also be replaced with orange juice, which can add more rich vitamin C and make your spirits better.

9: 00 meals recipe: half an apple.

Reason: Apple is a low-molecular-weight crude fiber fruit that can help eliminate diabetes.

Because it is close to lunch time, half an apple is enough.

11:30 lunch recipe: rice (70g), fish (100g), shrimp (80g), vegetables (100g).

Reason: Fish and shrimp are high-protein, low-migration foods. While vegetables provide a feeling of fullness, the rich accumulation of fiber also helps digestion.

15:00 Recipe: Black coffee (350ml) + whole wheat bread (2 slices) or a banana Reason: Black coffee is good for heart function, and it contains no traces, which is a good thing to speed up metabolism during fat loss.

If you choose whole wheat bread with coffee, you should avoid eating bananas.

17:30 Dinner Assorted Fat-Clean Salad Ingredients: Lettuce, cucumber, broccoli / broccoli, salmon, poached chicken breast, a small amount of peas.

Method: Add vinegar or oil vinegar juice together and mix together. Do not use salad dressing, the conversion is too high.

Reason: A assorted clear fat salad can fully satisfy the nutritional intake of a dinner. It is recommended that the ingredients are not cooked with cooking oil, and boiled, steamed, and stewed are all good ways.

21:00 supper recipe: low-denatured fruit.

Reason: Those who are accustomed to going to bed late should not burden the stomach and stomach before going to bed. They should choose fruits with low metastasis, so that they can feel full without worrying about gaining weight.

How to make a fat-reducing meal?

Curry chicken breast + coarse grain nests + poached eggs + pineapple + cucumber can use coarse grains instead of fine grains during fat reduction: 1 coarse grain nest (buy ready-made), chicken breast 150g, pineapple 100g, half cucumber, one egg; operation:Marinate the chicken breast for half an hour in advance and dice, add olive oil, stir fry for 2 minutes, add curry sauce, add water for 15 minutes, until the soup is thick; peel and slice the cucumber, cut the pineapple, and slice the wok head;+ Maize salad + Carrot + Watermelon + Lemonade Weight loss meal should also be placed in concave shape materials: chicken breast 250g, corn kernels, cucumber, carrot, watermelon, marinade (star anise, cinnamon, pepper, meat pirate, fragrant leaf, sand ginger, licorice, Pepper, etc.); Method: add water, add marinade and chicken breast, low heat for 25 minutes; mix corn kernels, diced carrots, diced cucumbers, add salad dressing, stir well; cut out shape of cucumber with heart shape, cut watermelonGrow the triangle, just put it?
Poached chicken breast + whole wheat sandwich + virgin fruit + kiwi fruit + yogurt potted chicken breast is a fitness artifact: 200g chicken breast, one kiwi, 10 virgin fruit, 3 strawberries, solid yogurt, Oreo biscuits, whole wheatSandwich (buy ready-made) method: Diced chicken breast, heat it and remove it for 2 minutes; slice kiwi, cut the maiden fruit in half and cut it in half; Yogurt pot: cut strawberry in half and stick it to the wallArrange in a circle and place solid yogurt to fix the position of the strawberry; remove the Oreo sandwich, crush the cookies with a rolling pin, and sprinkle the crushed ground over the yogurt 0.

5cm, just plug in the green leaves; steak + corn salad + broccoli + avocado + lemon juice beef is a good thing to build muscle: sirloin steak 250g, avocado slices, broccoli, corn kernels, carrot diced, cucumber dicedMethod: Fry steak, sprinkle with pepper; Mix corn kernels, carrots, and cucumbers, add salad dressing, stir well; broccoli can be boiled in boiling water, put on plate; chicken legs + egg fried rice + dragon fruit + milkChicken leg + egg fried rice + dragon fruit + milk Ingredients: 200g chicken leg, sliced dragon fruit, overnight rice, diced mushrooms, diced radish, diced green pepper, diced ham, eggPut the oil and stir-fry the eggs in the pan; put the oil in the pan and add the diced mushrooms, radishes, diced green peppers, diced ham, and rice; stir-fry the eggs before it is cooked;Use large pieces of chicken thighs with reconstituted butter.
Precautions for diet and weight loss Less alcohol, the main component of alcohol, is high in alcohol and can promote trace body deposition. It can produce 7 microns per liter of alcohol.

Proteins and carbohydrates and a few can also be produced in the same way (1 g of protein and sugar each produce 4 kcal transfer and 1 g of small amount produces 9 kcal transfer), but they contain beneficial ingredients for the human body.

Alcohol only contains calories, which blindly make people fat.

Some people have calculated that a large bottle of beer is about half a bowl of rice.

In particular, some people like to drink alcohol after meals or before going to bed. If you often drink a lot of alcohol and add high-calorie foods, it may cause a cumulative surplus, increase the accumulation of subcutaneous aunts, and cause body fatness.

Eat 100 grams of lean pork less protein16.

7 grams, but the aunt Han reached 28.

8 grams.

Lean pork is actually not a food with high protein and low feces.

Its trace content is higher than the protein content.

Therefore, if you eat too much lean pork, the animal’s accidental intake will also increase greatly.

Human fat and thin are related to the number of implanted derivatives.

Drink less coffee Coffee can stimulate gastrointestinal secretion and increase appetite.

Coffee contains caffeine, which can promote the significant increase of free fatty acids in the blood, and it is also the raw material for the liver to synthesize triglycerides.

People often add sugar when drinking coffee.

So instead of losing weight, people who like to drink coffee will tend to gain weight.
In the process of weight loss, it is best to follow the principle of small meals and distribute food from three meals to five meals a day.

And the last meal of the day is best eaten 5-6 hours before bedtime.