[Can pregnant women drink green tea _ can pregnant women drink green tea]

[Can pregnant women drink green tea _ can pregnant women drink green tea]

It is also beneficial for pregnant women to drink some tea in their daily lives. For example, drinking a little green tea has a good effect of preventing getting angry. In addition, pregnant women are prone to indigestion during normal life. At this time, drinking a little green teaIt has a good effect on promoting digestion. When drinking green tea, pregnant women should also understand some precautions, that is, not too much, especially not drink tea before going to bed.

Can pregnant women drink green tea? Generally speaking, pregnant women are advised to drink green tea, scented tea, and fruit tea, but not black tea, but expectant mothers have different constitutions and personal differences.

Green tea refers to the so-called fermented tea tree new leaves and sprouts, which are made by drying and other processes, and have color and preserve the green color of fresh tea leaves.

The main types of green tea are: Biluochun, Longjing, Yunwu, Maojian, Yuhua and so on.

Incorporation method: The high-end green tea uses the upper investment method, which will be 75?
85 seconds of hot water is poured into the cup, put 3?
5 grams of tea.

Ordinary green tea uses the drop method, adding 3?
5 grams of tea are poured into 85 crystallizations of hot water.

Efficacy: Tea polyphenols, minerals, and vitamins contained in green tea can strengthen the heart and kidney function of pregnant women, promote digestion, blood circulation, and prevent tumors.

In addition, zinc content is particularly rich, which can promote grain growth and development.

Note: 1.

Drink green tea in moderation.


Try to brew light green tea, and don’t drink strong green tea.

Chrysanthemum tea The chamomile in chrysanthemum tea is bitter, bitter, and slightly cold, and has the effect of clearing heat and dampness, without obvious side effects.

Two methods: Use a transparent glass to take about 3 grams (four or five) of chamomile to make tea, 3 times a day.

Can also add rock sugar or honeysuckle, licorice and fried.

Efficacy: Pinggan eyesight, Qingrejiedu.

Note: 1.

The chrysanthemum is cold, and you can’t give up too much at one time. The taste is as light as possible.


Don’t drink chrysanthemum tea at once and leave more. After adding new tea, soak for a while before adding.


Pregnant women with spleen deficiency and cold stomach are not suitable to drink chrysanthemum tea.

Rose tea Rose tea is a scented tea made by mixing edible fresh roses with tea bud tips in proportion.

How to drink: Warm the tea cup first, quickly rinse the rose tea with warm boiling water, add about five rose teas to the tea set and add 60?
70 seconds of boiling water.

Can also add jujube, wolfberry, honeysuckle and soak.

Efficacy: Beauty and beauty, dredging liver and stagnation, promoting metabolism, effectively removing fat, and removing stool.

Note: 1.

Rose tea should not be soaked in excess water.


Pregnant women with cold stomach and diarrhea should not be included.


Take care not to overdo it once.