[How to adjust millet pancake batter]_ practices _ snacks

[How to adjust millet pancake batter]_ practices _ snacks

At present, according to the taste of people in various regions or the addition of different ingredients, the practice of pancakes is also various, such as: the simplest white flour pancakes, egg-filled pancakes with millet, millet pancakes with millet, and multi-grain pancakes in northeast China, Sichuanese small pancake spring rolls and so on.

Overall, pancakes are loved by everyone. Here is a brief introduction to how to adjust the millet pancake batter.

The practice of millet pancakes. Wash the millet, soak it in water, and start for one hour. The longer the better, the better the millet stays. Steam it over the water. After the water is boiling, steam it for 20 minutes. Cook it out. Remove the steamed millet and cool it.Slightly, stir until slimy. You can choose sugar or salt to season the millet batter according to your preference. Hold it into a ball, gently pat it into a cake shape, sprinkle black sesame on it, or cool oil in a hot pot with spring onion. Add walnuts.The oil will be very fragrant. Add the millet cakes and fry until golden on both sides, to complete the practice of white flour pancakes.

50 grams of white flour and 20 grams of mung bean flour.

1 egg, green onion, leek in moderation.

Salt, allspice powder, flavor powder, pepper.

The right amount of oil.

Method steps: 250 grams of flour, add water to adjust the thickness of the picture, chopped onion, garlic seedlings, parsley and mix into the batter, add an appropriate amount of salt, less spiced powder, add three eggs and beat and stir well.

Put the pan on the fire, brush a layer of edible oil on the bottom of the pot, wait for the pan to heat up, pour the batter into the pan with a large spoon, and turn the pan with both hands to evenly spread the batter in the panAt the bottom of the pot, wait until both sides are fried to golden brown, and the pancakes with all colors and flavors are ready.

Pick up the pan and tilt it gently to allow the batter to flow slowly, covering the bottom of the pan to the thickness and size you like. At this time, the batter is basically solidified, and the lid is stacked (the spoon in the picture is because I want to make the topThe remaining batter drips clean, so hold it all the time, novices can set the spoon aside, two-handed operation is more convenient).

After two or three minutes, when you see a lot of steam coming out of the casting vent, open the lid and take a look. One side is fried, turn over, and cover with filling. It is also good to see a lot of steam coming out of the pot.

This time is slightly shorter.

The pancakes of other dishes can also be chopped. If it is a radish pancake, you need to take another step and shred the radish.

Precautions Regarding the preparation of pancake batter, adding water is the key.