[Easiest way to make small dried shrimp]_how to do_how to do

[Easiest way to make small dried shrimp]_how to do_how to do

Shrimp is the best food that can supplement human calcium.

Regularly eating shrimp foods can also increase the body’s intake of this substance.

Shrimp is a kind of shrimp that tastes better, but there are many ways to make it, you can choose according to your own taste.

No matter how you make it, you can add some appropriate seasonings, and you can master some simple production methods.

What is the easiest way to make small shrimp?

First, eat directly: This is the simplest and most convenient way, it is suitable for office workers, travel and leisure.

Shovel the shrimp head before eating (some people eat the shrimp head, shrimp skin, and shrimp tail; if you do n’t eat, you can keep the soup seasoning), then you can eat the shrimp tail directly.Just remove the shrimp skin.

Many people eat shrimp while drinking tea or dried shrimp while drinking.

Occasionally eating with beer is okay, it is not recommended to eat it for a long time, it is not good for health.

Second, make soup: can make many kinds of soup, you can Baidu about it.

Now I share the soup I often make: 1, dried shrimp, tomato and egg soup (1), boil the dried shrimp with water (2), boil over high heat, and boil for another five or six minutes.The milk is white (3), put the tomatoes in the pot, add an appropriate amount of oil, and cook for another two or three minutes (4), pour the stirred eggs into the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt, and put the spring onions to the pot.You don’t have to be so particular about cooking yourself. To save trouble, you can first cook the dried shrimp, tomatoes, water, and oil at the same time; you can also fry the dried shrimp with oil slightly, it will be more fragrant; slice the tomatoes and cut into pieces.Both can be; the amount of various materials depends on the number of people and personal taste.

In addition to soup with tomatoes, you can also soup with Chinese cabbage / baby vegetables, mushrooms, etc.

How long can the dried shrimp be stored? The dried dried shrimp can be vacuum-packed and stored in a 0-10 degree cold storage, which can remain the same for 12 months.

Second, frozen shrimp should always be kept in low temperature and cold storage, which consumes electricity.

Frozen food preservation period is from August to December.

Third, the final preservation depends on the amount of food, and ultimately based on the value of economic commodities.

How long can dried shrimp teach you how to save dried shrimp? How to prevent spoiled shrimp? Too many dried aquatic products are dehydrated and exposed to the sun, so they are not afraid of light.

The best way to store them is to put them in wide-mouth glass bottles, then place them in a light place, and open the bottle occasionally to disperse moisture.

In this way, one can prevent skewers; the other can prevent moisture and long hair.

Dried shrimp production method 1: dried sun exposure (The shrimp used in this method is the above-mentioned A-boiled shrimp or B-fried shrimp). Method: This one is quite simple. Find a sun.In the days when two big suns are exposed in a row, the dried shrimp can be made.

Pros: The dried shrimps exposed from the sun are very mellow. Disadvantages: The sun has been in the sun for a long time, and it is easy to have flying insect dust, so it is best to take care of it. The weather is easy to change. Today, the sun will rain heavily.The time will be prolonged and the shrimp will easily deteriorate.