[Doves have kidneys]_How to kidney_How to kidney

[Doves have kidneys]_How to kidney_How to kidney

Turtledove is a kind of wild food, and you can like it because of its delicate and delicate meat, but because most birds are wild animals, Turtledove is not common in the market.

Turtle dove is very delicious with soup or other methods. People like Turtle Dove for other reasons. Turtle Dove also has some nutritional value, but its nutritional value is actually not well understood in some aspects.

Turtledove’s medicinal value is so-called “one dove wins three chickens”.

Turtledove is not only delicious, but also nutritious.

Among all kinds of meat, turtle dove meat contains the most protein, but the trace content is very low. Our digestive and absorption rate is as high as 95%.

Turtle dove contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, and trace elements for hematopoietic. It is too high for chicken, fish, beef, and mutton slices.

Turtle doves have a large tonic function, which is best for postpartum women, patients after surgery and anemia.

In addition, turtle doves have irreplaceable medicinal value.

In Chinese medicine, the Chinese name of turtle dove is also called turtle dove, among which: protein, peptide, amino acid, aunt, steroid, sugar, etc.

The dove meat has a sweet smell and can be used to treat eyesight, nourish the kidney and nourish qi, which is unpleasant. The medicinal effect of eating Turtle Dove is generally taken orally.

Turtledove’s specific medicinal value still lies in the fact that Turtledove has the effects of nourishing qi and invigorating deficiency, improving eyesight, strengthening bones and bones, and eating has great tonic effect on people.

Therefore, Turtle Dove can be applied to the chronic illness, loss of energy, fatigue, eyesight faintness, vision loss; and liver and kidney deficiency, muscles and bones are not healthy.

Turtledove is a kind of food with both nutritional value and medicinal value.

Turtledove’s meat can be smart, light, and can make people’s legs moist, full of energy, anti-aging, long-term eating can benefit Qi, help yin and yang, and people with chronic illnesses eat Turtledove’s meat.
There are many ways for turtledoves to make delicious turtledoves.